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Category filter

Category Filter for Blog

The category filter is a new feature added to the Divi Blog Extras plugin. Here the categories are displayed on top of the module if enabled.

To enable this Go to the Content tab >> Elements >> Use Category Filterable Blog set as Yes

Category Filter Orderby

This setting allows users to define how categories are ordered within the Divi Blog Extras module. The available options include:

  1. Name: Sorts categories alphabetically based on their names.
  2. Slug: Orders categories alphabetically based on their slugs.
  3. ID: Arranges categories numerically based on their unique identification numbers.
  4. Term Order: Sorts categories according to the custom order set by users.
  5. Date: Orders categories based on the date they were created or modified.
  6. Count: Sorts categories by the number of posts assigned to each category, from highest to lowest.
  7. Parent: Organizes categories based on their parent-child relationship, with all parent categories appearing before child categories.

Select Active Category

This setting allows users to specify which category will be active and displayed by default when the page loads. This feature is particularly useful for highlighting a specific category’s content to visitors immediately upon accessing the page.

Note: The filterable category feature can be used if the Divi Blog Extras module is used on a Page.

It won’t work… 

  • On Archive pages
  • Custom Post Types
  • If the Custom Taxonomy feature is enabled from the module settings.

Here is a video that covers this feature.