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Module 4: Video Gallery

The Video Gallery module in Divi Gallery Extended allows you to showcase your video gallery with ease. In our documentation, we provide detailed information about the module, including a step-by-step guide to its settings and features.


To add a new video, click on the ‘Add New Video‘ option.

Video Gallery Item Settings

Once you click on the ‘Add New Video’ option, you will have the ‘Content,’ ‘Design,’ and ‘Advanced’ settings for individual video items. In the ‘Content’ tab, you will find options for configuring the video content and background.

  • Title: This is the title of the video.
  • Caption: You can add a descriptive caption or text related to the video.

How to Add a Video in the Module

In the Video Gallery module settings, you have two options for adding a video: uploading it directly to your website or adding a video from a URL.

Video MP4 File or YouTube URL
This setting allows you to upload an MP4 video file directly or enter a YouTube URL to embed a video from YouTube.

Choose a Video MP4 File: This option allows you to upload an MP4 video file directly from your device.

Insert From URL: With this option, you can add a video to your gallery by providing the URL of the video hosted online. This includes videos hosted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, allowing you to seamlessly integrate external video content into your gallery.

  • Video WEBM File:
    • This setting is for uploading the WEBM version of your video.
    • Having both MP4 and WEBM versions of your video ensures that visitors can view your content seamlessly regardless of their browser or device preferences.
  • Preview Image: Upload an image that will be used as a preview/thumbnail for the video.
  • Generate From Video: You have the option to generate a preview image automatically from the video content.


In the Background settings, you can customize the background of the video module. Here are the available options:

  • Background Color: Choose a background color for the video module.
  • Background Image: Upload an image to be used as the background.
  • Background Video: You have the option to use a background video.
  • Background Gradient: Apply a gradient overlay to the background, customizing the colors and direction of the gradient.

Overlay Title

In the Design tab, you will find the settings for customizing the overlay title. Here, you can define the overlay title’s styling and appearance. The available options typically include:

  • Heading Level: Choose the HTML heading level for the overlay title. This could be options like H1, H2, H3, etc., which represent different heading levels in HTML.


In the Display settings, you can control the visual presentation of your video gallery. Here are the key settings:

  • Video Size: Choose between 16:9 or auto sizing for the videos.
  • Number of Columns: Set the number of columns for your video gallery. You can choose from up to 6 columns to organize your videos.
  • Column Spacing: Define the spacing between columns in your video gallery.
  • Click Trigger: Choose the click trigger for your videos. Options typically include “Lightbox” for displaying videos in a modal overlay and “Inline Play” for playing the video directly on the page.
  • Autoplay Video: Enable or disable autoplay for your videos. When enabled, videos will start playing automatically when the page loads.
  • Enable Image Overlay on Hover: Decide whether to display an image overlay when hovering over video thumbnails. This overlay might include additional information or effects.

Show Title

Choose when to display the title for each video in the gallery. Options include:

  • Show Title in Lightbox Only: Display the title only when the video is viewed in the lightbox.
  • Show Title in Gallery Only: Disply the title only in the gallery.
  • Show Title in Overlay Only: Display the title only when hovering over the video thumbnail.
  • Both Gallery and Lightbox: Display the title in both views.

Show Caption

Similar to the title settings, configure when to show the caption for each video. Options include:

  • Show Caption In Lightbox Only: Display captions only in lightbox.
  • Show Caption In Gallery Only: Display captions only in the gallery.
  • Show Caption In Overlay Only: Show captions when hovering over thumbnails.
  • Both Gallery And Lightbox: Show captions in both views.