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File structure

Since version 1.3, the file structure has changed.

Purchase made from

You get the following single file

Extract this file. You will get two files as below and continue installation as per elegant


Purchase made from

You get these two files

  • File 1:
    Extract this zip and import the Divi Flexile Headers.json to Divi Library.
    It contains all layouts except RTL.

For RTL layouts, import the RTL Headers 01-10.json file.

  • File 2:

In the you will get the same layouts as in the main product file but it comes in a range.

The supplementary product files can be used to import a small set of headers. For example, the files that you obtain after extracting the supplementary product files are listed below with the range of headers they contain from the pack.

  • Headers 01-20.json
  • Headers 21-30.json
  • Headers 31-50.json
  • Headers 51-60 RTL.json
  • Headers 61-70.json
  • Headers 71-80.json
  • Headers 81-90.json
  • Headers 91-100.json
  • Headers 101-110.json
  • Headers 111-120.json
  • Headers 121-130.json
  • Headers 131-140.json
  • Headers 141-150.json
  • Headers 151-160.json
  • Headers 161-170.json
  • Headers 171-180.json
  • Headers 181-190.json
  • Headers 191-200.json
  • Headers 201-210.json

This method is useful if you have an issue importing all headers at once or if you want to keep your library light by importing just a few headers.