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Pagination formatting

In the Restro Menu, you can customize pagination but it needs to be enabled first. Here are the steps to enable it.

Go to Plugin settings >> Content tab >> Pagination >> Use Pagination >> set as YES.

Use Pagination: Here you have control of use pagination or not. Set as Yes if you want to apply pagination on your menu.

Pagination Type: Two types of pagination are there. Load More & Numbered.

Custom Styles for Pagination

  1. Load More Pagination

Here you can customize the load more pagination and loader.

Navigate to Module Setting >> Design Tab >> Load More Pagination >> Loader Color >> Here you can select the loader color.

Use Custom Styles For Load More Button : By enabling this option you can open the design control for load more pagination.

And you can change the size & color of the button text, button background, button border-width, color, radius, letter spacing, and many other font customization options under this setting.


2. Numbered Pagination

Navigate to Module setting >> Design Tab >> Numbered Pagination

Here you can style Normal and Active pagination by setting number background color, pagination alignment, number font, weight, style, color, letter spacing and line height.