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Import Demo Content

  1. Extract the
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Import.
  3. Click Install Now under the WordPress section.
  4. Click Run Importer.
  5. Click the Choose File button.
  6. Browse the content of the extracted supplementary zip file and select the Content.xml file.
  7. Click on Upload file and import button.
  8. On the next screen (Assign Authors) page, either create a new user account by providing a username in the input field or assign posts to an existing user by selecting an existing user on your website.
  9. Under the Import Attachment section, select the checkbox to import the media content while importing the content. This will include the demo images (not the same as the demo site but free to use placeholder images).
  10. Click Submit.
  11. This process takes a little time. Once done, the demo content will be imported on the site.
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