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Pre-built theme builder templates

All of the templates listed below are available in the theme builder after importing the theme builder templates JSON file.

  1. Default Website Template with the custom global footer.
  2. All inner page headers. The custom body will let you change the design of the page title of all pages in one go. The content block in this template renders the content in full width from the actual page content. This template loads on all Pages except the homepage.
  3. Blog. This template works as the blog page. To make it work, go to Reading settings and select the Blog from the imported page as the Posts page. This is one of the multiple blog layouts available in the child theme. Edit the body of this template and import the preferred blog layouts which are already imported in Divi Library while importing content.xml.
  4. Archive 1. This is the same as the blog layout. Keeping it separate from the Blog template gives you the option to define a global layout for all archives except the Blog Page.
  5. Archive 2 (unassigned). This is the same as the Archive 1 layout but unassigned, gives you the functionality to change the Archive layout whenever needed.
  6. Post Layout 1, 2, 3 & 4. These are the multiple post layouts available in the child theme. By default Post Layout 1 is assigned to all the posts, however, if you want to use other available Post layouts as layout for the posts, then right-click on the template file, further click Manage Template Assignments, and then assign layout according to your needs.
  7. Testimonials Archive Page. This is the template that displays the testimonials on the page.
  8. Search Results. Template to display the search results.
  9. 404 Page. Template for the 404 page.
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