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Assign WooCommerce pages

Once you have activated the Divi Girl child theme and have imported the demo using the one-click demo import, follow the following steps to assign the WooCommerce pages.

  1. Go to WooCommerce >> Settings
  2. Go to Advanced Tab
  3. Under the page setup sub-tab, search for Cart pageCheckout page, and My Account page by clicking on the dropdown arrow and assign pages as per the screenshot below then click on the button save changes.

Shop page

The shop page is created during a one-click demo import. This will be your main page to show all the products. You need to define this page using the following steps to start showing all your products on your shop page.

Go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products >> General >> Shop page and select your shop page.

You can add this page to your navigation menu.

💡The content of the shop page is rendered from the Divi Theme Builder. Don’t create your shop page content manually as any content on this page will be disregarded.