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Divi Cart footer contact us and social media setup

This area is managed from the widgets and here is the code for reference: 

<span class="footer-address">890 Lorem Ipsum Street #12
San Francisco, California 65432</span>

<span class="footer-phone"><a href="tel:+123-456-7890">+123-456-7890</a></span>

<span class="footer-email"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]
<div class="el-sidebar-icons"><a href="#"><span class="el-social-icon"></span></a>
<a href="#"><span class="el-social-icon"></span></a>
<a href="#"><span class="el-social-icon"></span></a></div>

You could also add other icons using the Elegant Icon Font – 360 Of The Best Free Icons For The Modern Web

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