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How to use

Follow the below instructions to use the Ajax Search module effectively.

Insert Module on Page

Content Options


  1. Search Field Placeholder: Here you can input the placeholder for the search field.
  2. Search Result Number: Here you can define how many number of search result should be displayed in search result. If you want to display all input the value -1.

3. Order by: Here we can set the order type of search results.

4. Order: Here we can choose the order of results. It could be ascending or descending.

5. No Result Text: In this setting you can input the custom text when no search results found for the query.

Search Area

  1. Search In: Here you can choose search area in the post for your query from give 3 options these are Title, Content and Excerpt. Select all or combination of these.

2. Post Types: This allows you to decide where to perform the search query user inputs. Options for where to perform a search are Posts, Pages, Projects, and Custom Post Types.


Here, you can decide what to display in the live search based upon the search query. The display options are Title, Excerpt, Featured image, or a combination of these with a Search Icon.


This setting option gives you control to display or hide scroll bar in search results.


Here, you can choose whether to open displayed results in the same tab or a new one.

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