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The page is created using the divi page builder. All the sections have been marked in the image and defined in the same sequence below.

  1. This section is created using the Fullwidth Image module with gradient effect.
  2. Popular Courses section is rendered from a LearnDash shortcode:

[ld_course_list col=”4″ num=”4″ orderby=”title” order=”ASC”]

3. In this section we have used Image, Blurb, Button and Text module.

4. Courses By Category here we have used Standard Divi Blurb module to present courses by category.

5. Meet Our Teachers in this section we have used Person module.

6. Slider module is used in this section to display success stories.

7. Enroll Now For Free Courses section on homepage uses shortcode to display a course:

[ld_course_list col=”1″ course_category_name=”Management”]

8. Our blog section is created using the Standard Blog module of Divi.

All the above sections you can edit and customise as per your requirement.

If you further need any assistance contact us. We will help you out. Thanks.

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