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How to use module layouts

To use the prebuilt module layout from the library that you have saved in the previous step follow the below steps.

Step 1: Add New >> Click on setting Use The Divi Builder and Publish the page.

  • If you are taking a new page then click on the setting Use The Divi Builder and insert the module.
  • If you are editing an existing Divi page then simply insert a new module to the page.

Step 2: When you are about to insert a module you have two options New Module and Add From Library.

To use the module layouts you have previously saved in the library choose the option Add From Library.

Step 3: After choosing the option Add From Library a pop-up appears titled Insert Module. Here you can select the category first from the left sidebar and then select the module layout you want to insert on the page.

Step 4: Click on the button Use This Module

That’s all!

You have a prebuilt beautiful module layout on your page. If you need any support with the product please create a ticket using this support portal.


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