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Installation and usage


Step 1: Download and extract the product file.

Purchase made from

  • Download and extract the file and you will get the following two zip files. (where x.x is version number)
  • Extract these files to get available layout files.

Purchase made from

  • You will get two files.

Step 2: After extracted you will get Footers for Divi.json. In the you will get the same layouts as in the main product file but it comes in a range.

The supplementary product files can be used to import a small set of footers. For example, the files that you obtain after extracting the supplementary product files are listed below in the range of footers they contain from the pack. This method is useful if you have an issue importing all footers at once or you want to keep your library light by importing few footers.

Footers 01-10.json

Footers 11-20.json

Footers 21-30.json

Footers 31-40.json

Footers 41-50.json

Footers 51-60.json

Footers 61-70.json

Footers 71-80.json

Footers 81-90.json

Instagram Footers 91-100.json

Instagram Footers 101-110.json

Check out the demo to see the layout number of the footer you like.

Step 3: Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Divi >> Divi Library >> Import & Export >> Import >> Choose .json file according to your requirment.



  1. Go to Divi >> Theme Builder >> Add Global Footer >> Add From Library >> Your Saved Layout.
  2. Choose the category Divi Flexile Footer, select the desired Flexile Footer, and click on Save Changes.

Note: To know how to add Instagram Feed in the Instagram footers please click here.