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File structure

Purchase made from

You get the following single file

  • x.x is the version number)

Extract this file. You will get two files as below and continue installation as per


Purchase made from

You get these two files

File 1:

Extract this zip and import the following file to Divi Library.

Footers for Divi.json

File 2:

Footers 01-10.json

Footers 11-20.json

Footers 21-30.json

Footers 31-40.json

Footers 41-50.json

Footers 51-60.json

Footers 61-70.json

Footers 71-80.json

Footers 81-90.json

Instagram Footers 91-100.json

Instagram Footers 100-110.json

Check out the demo to see the layout number of the footer you like.