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Since version 1.3, a one-click import feature is available in the child theme.

One-click demo import 

  1. After installing and activating the, successfully on your WordPress site, you get the Demo Import option in the WordPress dashboard. Click it to open the Easy Demo Import window.
  2. Here, you get all the options you want to import on the website. 
  3. Once chosen the required demo files for the website, click Import Demo Content, and it will import selected demo files to their respective locations in a few minutes.
  4. After import, your website is ready to add your desired content.

All the other Divi 4 templates are saved to the Divi library that can be used if you want to implement an alternate blog, header, or footer layout. The post templates are imported to the theme builder and just need to be activated if you want to try another post template.

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