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1. Download the main product file ( and extract it. Here 1.0 is version number.
2. It contains two zip files.
3. Go to the theme upload page and upload the Once uploaded activate.
4. Extract the second file named
5. Import the content.xml file from Tools >> Import.
6. Import All Divi Builder Layouts.json to Divi library.
7. Import Divi Customizer Settings to the Customizer.
8. Import Divi Theme Options.json to the Divi Theme Options area.
9. Import the Divi-Theme-Builder-Templates.json file to the Divi Theme Builder.
10. Go to the reading setting and set Frontpage. Select Home from the list. For Blog, select the Blog page from the list.
11. Go to Menu and assign Primary Navigation.
12. Go to Widgets and create a sidebar for the services pages. We are using a custom menu here.
13. Add Footer items in the 1-4 footer widgets.

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