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Layout file not getting imported?

If you purchased a Divi Extended layout and you are not able to install it and get some error or the import freezes or simply doesn’t complete, please check the following areas.

  1. Are your web hosting resources sufficient? You can check this by going to Divi Support Center.
  2. Are you able to import any other layouts to your website?
  3. Working with many hosting environments, we noticed that in a few cases, the import gets struck, and if it is not a limited resource-related issue, it could be the script in the layout files which is not imported by the server.
  4. In a few cases, when the layout import times out, we can break the layout files into smaller pieces so that you can import the layouts in parts which usually works. You could use the product supplementary files (if available) to import your layouts in small chunks.

Still facing an issue?

Please send us an email at support@diviextended.com with access to the site (and URL of your support ticket if available) and we will try our best to get your layouts imported as quickly as possible.