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How to add a user account for the support team on your website


This is not mandatory but is very helpful in finding an issue on your website or providing you support for your minor customization request. Please do not share the access if you are not an authorized person or owner of the website.

  1. Click on Add New under the Users section.
  2. Enter a username. Can use diviextended or anything you like
  3. Enter
  4. Enter the first name as Divi (optional)
  5. Enter the second name as Extended (optional)
  6. Click to Generate Password. You can also enter in the field below. (don’t send this password on support ticket).
  7. Select role as Administrator.
  8. Click Add New User

Once you are done adding the account, we will get an email about the account creation. Please do not send the password generated using the above process on the product support ticket as that is a public channel.

In order to share the login details manually with us, just let us know the website URL, the ticket ID for reference and we’ll be able to sign in to your website.

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