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File structure

Purchase made from

When you purchase the product from, you’ll receive a single file named “” (where x.x is version number)

Start by extracting the “” file.

• Upon extraction, you’ll find two separate files:

divi pricing table file structure

Purchase made from

If you make your purchase from, you will receive two files:

File 1:

Extract the contents of the “” file.

Inside, you will find the Divi Flexile Pricing Tables.json,,, and changelog.txt files. Import the Divi Flexile Pricing Tables.json file into your Divi Library for use.

File 2:

Within the, you will discover layouts that mirror those available in the main product file, but they are organized into different groups or ranges.

These supplementary product files are valuable when you specifically want to import a particular set of pricing tables. Here’s what you’ll uncover after extracting the supplementary product files:

This method proves to be quite useful when you encounter difficulties importing all the pricing layouts at once. It also offers a practical solution if you aim to maintain a more organized and lightweight Divi Library by importing only a selected set of pricing tables.

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