Grace – Divi Post Layout Pack

Divi Post Layouts Divi Post Templates Divi 4.0+

Easily change the look and feel of the blog posts with elegant templates available in this pack. An essential Divi blog post layout pack if you want a changeover of the posts—keeping Style, Beauty, and Simplicity the emphasis of the customization.

Use Divi Theme Builder and apply these layouts easily on your website without any extra effort.

Grace – Divi Post Layout Pack

Divi Post Layouts Divi Post Templates Divi 4.0+

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Stellar, Prime, Classic, and more post layouts in a single pack

With Grace Divi Post Layout Pack, you get multiple post layouts that are modern, unique & attractive, which suits any domain or business website and its niche. Using these custom post templates, you’ll be able to create beautiful posts that would increase readers’ engagement and interaction with the article and its content. Use them as a single post layout or apply them on every article you write—with Divi Theme Builder, you’ve got multiple options to use these layouts on a website.

Improved Text Readability

Better readability means longer user session duration. Thus, it increases the site’s duration. Therefore the layout available in this pack has text with improved readability. So, readers can easily extract the information and give thumbs up to your hard work for writing down an excellent piece.

Stellar Post Layout
Prime Post Layout

Mobile Friendly Post Layouts

Not only a website with pages not optimized for mobiles has low priority in search results, but even articles, too, don’t appear or have low search ranking. But with post designs available with this layout pack, you don’t have to face this issue because all layouts are optimized for any screen resolution device such as PC, Mobile Phones & Tablets.

Optimized Post Content for Better Clarity

A user likes to visit and read articles that have a clean & distraction-free interface. And that’s what all the layouts available in Grace- Divi Post Layout Pack provides. With proper space between texts and nicely organized images and other post elements- makes these layouts a favorable choice for anyone who wants to make a positive impression on his/her audience and increase the site’s domain authority.

Classic Post Layout
Divi 4 header footer pack

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