Divi 4 Pack

Divi 4 Header Layouts Divi 4 Footer Layouts WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

This huge Divi 4 layout package is containing more than 10 beautiful custom header, footer, and WooCommerce product page layouts. Easy to use and apply using Divi 4’s new Theme Builder. With this whole Divi 4 pack, no need for any plugin to use custom Divi header, footer, and WooCommerce layout.

Divi 4 Pack

Divi 4 Header Layouts Divi 4 Footer Layouts WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

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Header, Footer and WooCommerce Layout Pack for Divi 4.0

Create even more beautiful websites using this Divi 4 pack. It has 12 Header layouts, 06 amazing Footer layouts, and 08 WooCommerce product page layouts. This whole Divi custom layout pack gives users the freedom to not stick with simple designs of headers and footers. And which comes with WooCommerce.

No need to invest time in creating custom Divi header and footer styles. Customize these custom Divi headers; use sticky or fixed. Also, use headers and footer as global or custom using Divi’s Theme Builder.

More than 10 header layouts

Style your Divi theme website’s header with these unique and beautiful custom header layouts made using Divi 4’s new feature Theme Builder. This pack has a total of 12 header designs, so you no longer need any header plugin with limited header styles. Using these custom header layouts is pretty easy; all you have to do is import them in your Divi Library. And use as global or custom header with the help of Theme Builder.

Divi 4.0 Header
Footers for Divi 4

Ultimate footer layouts made for Divi Theme Builder

With Divi 4 pack, you’ve got the option to change your website’s footer area multiple times without taking much time. Divi 4 Pack includes 06 creatively designed custom footer layout with keeping in mind the usefulness of the footer section. Import them to your Divi Library, and they’re ready to use as your custom footer layouts. Customize according to your needs or profession.

With Divi 4 Pack, WooCommerce got more awesome

Don’t limit your eCommerce store with product page styles that comes with the WooCommerce plugin. Divi 4 pack has a complete set of 8 WooCommerce product page layout for any digital store or Divi WooCommerce theme. All the WooCommerce layout support Divi Breadcrumb, on hover product zoom, product category, quantity slider, add to cart button, ratings, and many more useful features.

WooCommerce Layouts for Divi 4
Woo Layouts for Divi 4

Responsive, Lightweight and fast

All the layouts available in the Divi 4 Pack are designed using Divi’s new Theme Builder. Therefore, they’re ready to use on any website running on Divi. Responsive to all screen resolution, and comparatively fast than plugin layouts.

Divi 4 header footer pack

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