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Method 1:

Steps to Import All Layouts at Once Using Theme Builder Import File-

  1. After downloading the scout-divi-search-page-layouts-1.0, Extract it to get available layouts files inside the package.
  2. Then on WordPress Dashboard >> go to Divi Menu >> Theme Builder.
  3. Click on the Portability Icon, next to the Page Setting & Editing History icon. Then navigate to the Import tab.
  4. Now, click on the Choose File option, and browse for the Divi-Theme-Builder-Templates.  Select the Options on the screen as required. You don’t need to check the Override the Default Website Template.
  5. After selecting the file, click Import Divi Builder Layout.
  6. Then, click Save Changes on the main Divi Theme Builder page.
  7. This will import al lthe layouts to the Divi Theme Bulider. Select the one you want to apply to your search result page and assign it.
  8. Edit the template to replace any text or number of posts you want.

Method 2:

Import the Layouts Individually While Editing the Body of Search Results Page Template in Divi Theme Builder

  1. Export the scout-divi-search-page-layouts-1.0 file. Extract it to get available layout files.
  2. The name of files represents individual layouts. Edit the body of the search result template and import the individual layouts you want.
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