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Difference between products purchased from DiviExtended.com and Elegant Themes

The products you purchased from diviextended.com or Elegant Themes are completely identical. There are some differences on the basis of the platform which are different file names and the license system.

Purchased From Elegant Themes

Elegant themes have their own license system. The product comes with yearly updates and support and needs to be renewed yearly in order to keep getting updates and support on ET.

If not renewed, the product will continue to work but updates won’t be available for it.

Purchased From DiviExtended.com

On DiviExtended.com, you have the option to choose between an Annual and Lifetime license.

With the annual license, you receive unlimited website access for one year, along with updates and support during that year.

With the lifetime license, you also receive unlimited website access, but unlike the annual license, you have access to lifetime updates and support, ensuring that your product remains up-to-date and supported for as long as you use it.