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Automatic plugin update is not working?

Our plugins come with an automatic plugin update system. We have the exact copy of the plugin available on Divi Marketplace. In this case, two update systems are working in parallel (Divi’s and ours).

Suppose you have purchased the plugin from Divi Marketplace or won the product in any contest of Elegant Themes and later purchased the same product from our store. In that case, It is stopping you from updating, although we have an automatic update system integrated.

Why is this stopping you from updating?

It is stopping you from updating because Divi’s update system work over the top, and all our plugins come with one year of support and updates on Divi Marketplace. While on our store, it comes with a Lifetime update.

How to fix this problem?

We’re in communication with Elegant Themes regarding this issue and will find a way out. Meanwhile, We would appreciate you dropping a message to and asking them to remove that product from your account. In this way, they won’t recognize your purchase and will allow you to update the product from our update server. We would have addressed this issue if there was something in our hand, but you’ll have to drop a message to Elegant Themes, and they shall remove the product which is not updating even after purchasing from our store from your account of elegant themes.

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