Divi Post Extended Documentation

Documentation and FAQs


A download link is sent in the order confirmation email which can be used to download Divi Post Extended.
The plugin can also be downloaded from Download page which is under My Account area of Divi Extended

Installation and Setup

Once the plugin is downloaded, the zip file divi-post-extended.zip can be installed using Add Plugin link from WordPress Dashboard.

For FTP upload, extract divi-post-extended.zip and upload the folder divi-post-extended to wp-content/plugins directory. Then go to list of the plugins and activate the plugin.

Enabling the Plugin after activation

After the plugin is activated, navigate to Settings and then Divi Post Extended to enable the plugin. If you want not to use the plugin layout for sometime you can disable it from the same page without deactivating or deleting the plugin for WordPress Dashboard.

Selecting Default Layout for Entire Site

The plugin settings page (Located under Settings tab on WordPress Dashboard) can be used to set default post layout to be used throughout the site. This page also has option to select a layout based on sidebar or full width. For full width selection, all the sidebars are listed and the one selected to be used for default post sidebar can be set here.

Overriding Default Selected Layout on some Posts

If you want to use a post layout other than default (Any of the available layout selected from Settings >> Divi Post Extended), it can be done while editing the post. Divi Post Extended adds own control to select any of available layout on a particular page. It won’t affect other posts and selected layout will only be used for the individual post. Same can be applied for making a post with left/right or without sidebar.

Updating the plugin

In order to update the plugin, a user can click on update button in Dashboard. An update notification will be shown when an update is available. The plugin can also be updated using FTP by overwriting the existing plugin directory with new version.

Using Post formats like Gallery, Video, Audio, Link, Quote

This is the default feature of WordPress posts and in order to create a demo like page, we need to select the post format while creating the posts. Here is an example

Here are videos on how to set up gallery and video post format which can be used for other post formats as well.