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What are the different product variants available for Divi Plus on Divi Extended?

At Divi Extended, we offer three distinct product variants for Divi Plus, each catering to different needs and providing varying features, all of which include lifetime updates:

  1. Single Site License: Priced at $59, this package is designed for those who require Divi Plus for a single website. With the Single Site License, you will have access to the Divi Plus plugin, which enhances the functionality of the Divi theme, along with the Divi Plus free child theme. This option is ideal for individuals or businesses managing a single site and seeking to leverage the power of Divi Plus. The Single Site License includes lifetime updates, ensuring you receive all future enhancements and improvements to the Divi Plus plugin.
  2. Extended License: Priced at $149, the Extended License provides a more comprehensive solution. With this package, you can utilize the Divi Plus plugin on an unlimited number of sites, allowing you to enhance multiple websites with advanced features. In addition to the plugin, you also gain access to the Divi Plus free child theme. The Extended License is suitable for web designers, developers, or agencies who work on multiple projects and require the flexibility of using Divi Plus across various websites. Like the Single Site License, the Extended License includes lifetime updates for the Divi Plus plugin.
  3. Agency License: Priced at $199, the Agency License offers the most extensive set of features and benefits. This comprehensive package includes the Divi Plus plugin for unlimited sites, access to the Divi Plus free child theme, and most notably, access to all premium Divi Plus child themes. The Agency License empowers web agencies and professionals to create diverse and visually stunning websites by leveraging the full range of Divi Plus features and premium child themes. Similar to the other licenses, the Agency License also includes lifetime updates for the Divi Plus plugin, ensuring you receive ongoing improvements and new features.

With these three product variants, Divi Extended aims to provide options that cater to different user requirements, allowing you to select the package that best aligns with your specific needs and budget. Rest assured that regardless of the license you choose, you will receive lifetime updates for the Divi Plus plugin, keeping your website equipped with the latest advancements.

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