Divi Plus Documentation


A download link is sent in the order confirmation email. The product can also be downloaded from My Account area.

File structure

1. The name of the main file is divi-plus-1.0 zip. The name of the file may vary depending upon the version number.
2. Install the plugin by uploading it to the WordPress Dashboard and activate it.

Adding a module on page

After the installation of the plugin, it will add extra modules to the Divi theme module library. The number of modules could vary depending upon the current version you’ve downloaded. Currently, there are 5 modules, and they will increase with new versions of the plugin.
divi plus plugin for Divi

Divi Plus Breadcrumbs module

Here is a blog post that covers the setup process of the Divi Plus Breadcrumb module.

Before After Slider module

  • Add DP Before After Slider module to a page.
  • Go to Content tab.
  • On the Slider Content section, click Before and upload the image for before section. If you want to display text label, enter the text in the label field.
  • Click on After Section and upload the image for after section. If you want to display text label, enter the text in label field.
  • This will add the before after slider to your Divi theme with default values. In order to customize, go to Design tab of the module.
  • Under Slider Styling section of the Design tab, select Horizontal or Vertical orientation.
  • Handle offset will let you define the position of the slide. By default it is 0.5 which is at the center of the image.
  • Mouse on Hover setting will let you run slider without tapping or dragging. Just move the mouse to see the slide.
  • Move on click will enable a click action where the slider will move when clicked at a certain spot on the image.
  • Handle Color will let you manage the color setting of the handle (separator). divi before after slider
  • On hover overlay setting allows adding an overlay of text or gradient along with option to control opacity of the color and gradient.
  • Configure other settings as required.

Fancy Heading module

  • Add DP Fancy Heading to page.
  • On the content tab under Heading Content section, enter the heading which is divided into three parts Pre Heading, Heading and Post Heading.
  • Go to Design tab and open Text Setting.
  • Define parameters for Pre, Main and Post in the Text Settings section.
  • Define background for Pre, Main and Post. It can be color, gradient or image for each section of the heading. divi plus fancy heading
  • Define other settings as required.
  • Here is a blog post that covers the setup process of the Divi Plus Fancy Heading module.

Fancy Text module

  • Add DP Fancy Text module to a page.
  • On the Content tab, go to the Fancy Text Content section.
  • Under Text Style selector, choose Gradient for gradient text or Background Clipping for clip text effect.
  • Enter the text in the Fancy Text input field.
  • Go to the Design tab and set the gradient color, type and other settings. 
  • If the Text Style is set to Background Clipping, the Design tab will show image field under the Fancy Text Styling section.divi fancy text module
  • Set the image and define the properties for image.

Separator module

  • Add DP Separator module to a page.
  • Go to Content Tab and then on the Separator Content.
  • Select Separator Type as Line or Shadow. If line is selected, then it will show more options under content to customize line. It let you use image, text, icons and place separator around it.
  • To give the line style, go to Select Line Style section and select a style.
  • Use With section allows adding text (images as well) or icon to the separator.
  • Go to Design tab and then Separator Styling section.
  • Set thickness, color, gradient of the separator if required.
  • Go to Text Styling and set the formatting of text and alignment. By default text is aligned to the left.

divi plus separator

Divi 4 header footer pack

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