Divi Dental documentation


A download link is sent in the order confirmation email. The product can also be downloaded from My Account area.

File structure

1. Name of the main file is divi-dental.zip. It needs to be extracted further before uploading.
2. The extracted zip file contains the following files: (1) divi-dental.zip (2) Divi Customizer Settings.json (3) Divi Theme Options.json (4) content.xml (5) readme.txt (6) license.txt (7) widgets.txt


1. Install child theme using extracted divi-dental.zip and activate it.
2. Navigate to theme customizer and import Divi Customizer Settings.json
3. Navigate to Divi theme panel and import Divi Theme Options.json
4. Navigate to Tools>>Import, then select WordPress import and import content.xml. This step will create all the pages and posts as on demo site.
5. Update content and images.

Required plugins

1. JetPack (For galleries)

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to create a gallery like the demo?
A: Jetpack plugin is required to create the gallery like the demo. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it replaces the standard images in the mosaic form as on the demo.

Q: How to create the special menu item like “Order now” in the demo:
A: Step 1: Assign a class to the menu. To do this, go to Menu, Click on Screen Options on top right. Select “Show advanced menu properties” section, make sure that CSS Classes is checked.
Step 2: Edit the menu item and put the class name you want to assign it. In our case, we used special-menu.
Step 3: Go to Custom CSS area in the Divi theme panel or put the following CSS snippet in your Child Theme’s stylesheet.

Q: How to update footer background image
A: Here is example snippit.

Footer code: Navigate to the Widgets, add the widgets as per this information:

Q: Do you have a walkthrough video of the Child theme setup process?
A: It is a mute video but here is the timestamp of major events.

0:40 – How to import Divi theme settings
1:15 – How to import customizer settings
1:56 – How to import all demo content
2:50 – How to set up the navigation menu
3:30 – How to set up homepage as the front page
3:50 – How to set up footer (check widgets.txt file for HTML code)
6:18 – How to set up our office menu
For the gallery in Our office page, install Jetpack plugin.