Divi Blurb Extended Documentation

Documentation and FAQs


1. Extract divi-blurb-extended-all-files.zip
2. Extract divi-blurb-extended.zip
3. Upload the divi-blurb-extended folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
5. Go to step 4 below.


1. Extract divi-blurb-extended-all-files.zip
2. Extract and upload divi-blurb-extended.zip Upload the zip file from WordPress Dashboard.
3. Once installed, activate the plugin.
4. Edit the page where you want to use Divi Blurb Extended or create a new page and load Divi Builder.
5. Click on Insert Module and then select “Divi Blurb Extended”.
6. Enter the layout you want from the available layouts – Classic, Flipbox, Easebox, Borderbox and Image Card and select and configure the settings in the module settings like any other module.
7. To import the layouts, go to divi library and click import, then extract the file divi-blurb-extended-layouts-json.zip and upload Divi Blurb Extended Layouts.json to divi library. The demo pages will be added to Divi library which can be added on any page.


(No Activation is required since 1.0.4 version of Divi Blurb Extended released on 20th March 2018)

How to Use Divi Blurb Extended Layouts

Once Divi Blurb Extended is Active, a module is added to the Divi Library. We can add the module named Divi Blurb Extended to a Divi section and select a layout.

The Design Tab has the 5 available layouts to chose from which includes Classic, Flipbox, Easebox, Borderbox and Image Card.

Right below each layout selection list, we have settings for controlling each blurb layout setting. For example, the Flipbox Layout comes with option to chose image/color on front and back. It can be selected and saved.

Easebox comes with an animation effect of the readmore button which can be controlled from Design tab.

Borderbox option has color option that can be configured right after the layout selection.

Image Card has option to include image and right below it is option to include an icon to the blurb at same time.

How to Add Read More Button with Custom URL in Divi Blurb

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divi Blurb Extended?

Divi Blurb Extended is a plugin by Divi Extended which work upon Divi and Extra WordPress Theme. It also work on Divi Builder Plugin which allows users to create enhanced Blurbs.

Divi Blurb Extended adds up some special features to the traditional Divi Blurb Module. One of the most common feature is the Read More button. If you were looking for a solution of how to add a read more button in Divi Blurb, this plugin is the answer to your question.

Apart from the read more button in blurbs, the plugin comes with some really nice ready to use layouts that can be selected from within the Divi Blurb Extended module setting. The includes Flip Box, Blurb Position on Right, Add square and hexagon along with default circle in Divi blurb and more.

How can I install the Divi Blurb Extended Plugin?

In order to install Divi Blurb Extended, we need to place order for the plugin which can be done from the store front of our website. Once the order is placed, the plugin can be downloaded from the diviextended.com website. The download link is located under My Accounts section. Once downloaded the zip file of the plugin, a user need to log in to WordPress Dashboard and then navigate to plugins page and hit Add Plugin. Then we need to upload the zip file downloaded after the purchase. Finally the plugin will be active as soon as Activate button is placed.

The installation process in brief is simple – Purchase, Download, Upload and Activate, This will add an extra module in the Divi Library which can be used as normal Divi modules.

What are the Unique Features of Divi Blurb Extended Compared to Default Divi Blurb Module

http://demo.diviextended.com/divi-blurb-extended/ (classic)
1. Classic layout has option to show icon on right in blurb. It is available in other layouts as well.
2. Square and hexagon shape around the icons instead of round in default divi blurb.
3. Read more button which you can use to create a link right from the blurb without adding a button module.


1. Flipbox effect which shows blurb heading by default and then show the content on mouse hover.


1. Easebox layout offers special animation.


1. Border box layout offers creating a border around blurb.

Image Card

1. Image card offers using images along with blurb and create layout like the demo.

How to update Divi Blurb Extended?

The plugin comes with one click update. Users need to enter their API keys on the Divi Blurb Extended panel on their WordPress dashboard. The API key can be obtained from My Accounts page of our website. Entering the API key to the Dashboard of the website is one time process and it will make the one click update feature active.

How many Blurb layouts are there in Divi Blurb Extended?

There are 5 Blurb Layouts in Divi Blurb Extended. Classic Extended, Flipbox, Easebox, Borderbox and Image Card.

Can I still use the default Divi Blurb?

Yes, the Divi Default blurb remains same. The plugin Divi Blurb Extended adds a new module for in Divi Library for it’s functionality.

Will it work with DIVI Builder plugin installed on any theme other than DIVI?

Divi Blurb Extended is a module that works with Divi Theme, Extra Theme and Divi Builder Plugin.

I purchased the plugin and want to know how can I download it again in future?

Users can visit “My Accounts” page and log-in to download the plugin anytime. In case if users does not remember the login details, they could re-set the password using lost password link. They need to provide the same email which they used to purchase the product.

Will it work on both Post and Pages?

Yes, Divi Blurb Extended will work on both Post and Pages.

Can I use other modules on same page where I use Divi Blurb Extended module?

Yes, it can be used like any other modules without any issue.

Will it work with Custom Post Types?

Yes, Divi Blurb Extended can be used on pages, posts and custom post types with added support for Divi builder (click here on how to do it: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/?p=32583)

I have purchased Regular License. Can I convert it to Extended License?

Yes you can convert regular license to extended license by paying the difference. Contact us and we will send you details on how you can upgrade.

Can I use Divi Blurb Extended in my Divi Child Themes which I sell Further?

Divi Blurb Extended can be used by Divi child theme developers who want to ship the plugin in their products. The child theme license cannot be used to resale the Divi Blurb Extended module separately and must be advertised and included within the Divi Child Theme. The license for single child theme is $249.

How to Update from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 or above

In order to update from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 or above, there is a manual process required.

1. Deactivate and delete the existing version (1.0.0) of the plugin.
2. Download the updated version from DiviExtended.com and generate API key from Downloads page.
3. Upload the plugin, activate and enter API key.
4. Update is complete. The settings won’t be deleted when you deactivate and delete the plugin in step 1.

If you are using 1.0.1 or above, the update can be done like any other plugin by clicking on update links in dashboard.