Divi Blog Extras Documentation


1. Download divi-blog-extras.zip from My Account area on diviextended.com and extract it.
2. Upload the divi-blog-extras folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


1. Upload the zip file from WordPress dashboard.
2. Once installed, activate the plugin
3. Go to Page/Post and create a section.
4. Click on Insert module and then select “Divi Blog Extras”.
5. Finally select the parameters like type of layout from the available layouts, number of blogs to show, categories, featured images and more like the standard Divi blog module.
6. See the video at the end of this page for steps on how to use the plugin after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Divi Blog Extras?
A: Divi Blog Extras is a plugin by Divi Extended which work upon Divi theme. Using this plugin, one can create a nice looking Divi Blog/Category layouts in minutes.

Q: How can I install the “Divi Blog Extras” plugin?
A: In order to install DIVI extended plugin, you need to log in to dashboard and then navigate to plugins page and hit add plugin. Then upload the zip file you have downloaded after purchase. Finally activate the plugin and you’re done.

Q: How to update the plugin?
A: You can upload the plugin by uploading the new files via FTP. Since version 2.0, one click update feature has been added to the plugin and it can be updated by clicking the update link on the dashboard.

Q: How many blog layouts are there in the current version?
A: In version 1.0, we have 3 blog layouts and we plan to add more in coming releases.

Updated: 4th October 2017
There are 6 layouts in Divi Blog Extras in version 2.0.9. More layouts can be created using simple CSS snippets as on this page http://demo.diviextended.com/dbe/block-extended-2-columns/

Q: Will it update the default category and archive pages?
A: No, it only works as an extended module for the Divi blog with pre-built layout and won’t alter the way category and archive pages look. However, individual pages for each category could be created and the archive pages can be redirected to the page created for that category.

Q: Will it work with DIVI Builder plugin installed on any theme other than DIVI?
A: The plugin works with Divi, Extra and Divi Builder Plugin.

Q: I purchased the plugin and want to know how can I download it again in future?
A: Users can visit “My Accounts” page and log-in to download the plugin anytime. In case if users does not remember the login details, they could reset the password using lost password link. They need to provide the same email which they used to purchase the product.

Q: Will it work on both Post and Pages?
A: Yes, Divi Blog Extras will work on both Post and Pages.

Q: Can I use other modules on same page where I use Divi Blog Extras module?
A: Yes, it can be used like any other modules without any issue.

Q: Will it work with Custom Post Types?
A: Yes, Divi Blog Extras could be used on both pages, posts and custom post types with added support for divi builder (click here on how to do it: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/?p=32583)

Q: I have purchased Regular License. Can I convert it to Extended License?
A: Yes, you can convert regular license to extended license by paying the difference. Contact us and we will send you details on how you can upgrade.

Q: Can I use Divi Blog Extras in my Divi Child Themes which I sale Further?
A: Divi Blog Extras can be used by Divi child theme developers who want to ship the plugin in their products. The child theme license cannot be used to resale the Divi Blog Extras module separately and must be advertised and included within the Divi Child Theme.

Q: Do you have a video tutorial on how to use Divi Blog Extras?
A: Yes, we have the following YouTube channel with videos on how to use Divi Blog Extras.

Q: How to change category background color in Block Extended Layout of Divi Blog Extras?
A: You can find ‘Category Background’ setting in the design tab of the Divi Blog Extras Module. From there, you can change the background color of the category.

The above solution is for common color for all categories. However if you like to add separate color to each category, it can be done from the WordPress Dashboard: Post>>Categories>>Edit a Category>>Put Desired Color

Q: How can I set blog pages as per ‘MORE LAYOUTS’ on your Demo page?
A: There are 6 layouts in Divi Blog Extras which can be implement by selecting them from the Design tab. The More Layouts section of the demo are inherited layouts from the above 6 which can be achieved by adding simple CSS snippet given on each demo page.

Here is a video on how it can be done.

Q: How to make excerpt Lenght Zero in Divi Blog Extras
A: Divi Blog Extras has option to control lenght of excerpt. It can be set to 0 from the module settings under design tab >> Excerpt lenght.

Q: I’m using the Blog Extras module with the block extended option. Is there any method of switching from rounded to square corners on each of the excerpts?

A: Please use the following snippet to make the corners square:

.et_pb_post_extra.el_dbe_block_extended {
border-radius: 0;

​You could paste the code in Divi Theme options Custom css area for global implementation. If you want to put it on selected pages, you could paste the code within page css area.

Q: How to adjust width of media and content container in Full width Layout of Divi Blog Extras Plugin?


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