Divi Restro Menu Documentation

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File Structure

The name of the plugin file is divi-restro-menu.zip.

A download link is sent in the order confirmation email. The product can also be downloaded from My Account area.


Divi Restro Menu plugin can be installed using 2 methods

  1. From WordPress Dashboard
    1. Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin >> Choose File >> Browse divi-restro-menu.zip and click Install Now >> Activate Plugin.
  2. Manually uploading via FTP
    1. Extract divi-restro-menu.zip.
    2. Connect to your server using an FTP application.
    3. Navigate to wp-content/plugins/.
    4. Upload the divi-restro-menu directory in the plugins directory of your server.
    5. Go to WordPress Dashboard >> All Plugins >>Activate Divi Restro Menu.

Adding Menu Items

Once Divi Restro Menu is activated, it adds a Custom Post Type for Menu items in the WordPress Dashboard. To create menu items, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Restro Menu >> Add New.
  2. Add Title.
  3. Add Featured Image.
  4. Under the Restaurant Menu: Enter Currency Symbol.
  5. Set Price.
  6. Ingredients (comma separated).
  7. Short Description.
  8. Create and set Categories as required and assign Menu Items to one or more Categories. (This can be done while creating Menu items or beforehand by going to the WordPress Dashboard >> Restro Menu >> Categories.
  9. Leave the main content area blank unless you want to use the single post page for the Restaurant Menu. This is not used by the module but the short description.
  10. Publish the post and exit.
  11. Do the same for more menu items.

Adding menu items of divi restro menu

Menu Page Setup

Once enough menu items are added to the site, the Restro Menu module, which is added to the Divi builder, can be used to display them using the available layouts.

Here are the steps for adding the module on a page.

  1. Create/Edit a Page/Post that uses Divi builder.
  2. Create/Edit row.
  3. Create/Edit column.
  4. Go to insert Module option.
  5. insert Restro Menu module.

Here’s the blog post that cover the setup process of the Divi Restro Menu plugin.


Displaying Divi Restro Menu on a Page

There are 2 menu layouts available in the plugin to display menu items. Layout 1 and layout 2. To configure the major elements related to the menu items, the following settings areas of the “Content” tab need to be checked.

  1. Go to the Content section.
  2. Select Menu Layout.
  3. Select the Number of Menu items. The default is 8.
  4. Select a list of categories from which the Menu items you want to display. If none is selected, all Menu items will be displayed. If selected categories are picked, the module will display menu items associated with those Categories.
  5. Select the Number of columns. By default, 2 columns will be displayed.
  6. Go to the Elements section and enable Filterable Menu if you want to display a filterable Category bar at the top.
  7. Show Thumbnail, is the setting to show the featured image of the menu item.
  8. Show Short Description, is to display the short description as entered while creating a Menu item.
  9. Show Ingredients setting will allow you to display the list of ingredients entered while creating menu items.
  10. Show Price setting is to enable or disable the pricing on the module.

The rest of the settings are design elements that can be controlled from the module settings like the rest of the Divi modules.

How to Bulk Import Menu Items Using CSV?

The bulk import using CSV method can be applied for importing posts in Divi Restro Menu.

Download CSV sample data file


Detailed video


Short Video

Q: How to Change “All Items” String on the Mobile Menu to Another Language

A: Use the following code and add it to the Divi theme builder. Replace ‘Custom text’ with your own string.

This is where the code can be added in the Divi Theme Options

Divi theme options panel

Q:Custom sorting for menu items and categories on filterable the menu.

A: Step 1: Install the “Simple Custom Post Order” plugin from the WordPress repository.
Step 2: Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> SCPOrder.
Step 3: Under “Check to Sort Post Types” enable “Restro Menu”.
Step 4: Under “Check to Sort Taxonomies” enable “Categories”. You will notice that there are two terms with the name “Categories”. Don’t select the first one. It is for default post categories.

Divi restro menu custom sorting

Sort menu items
Step: 5 Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Restro Menu >> All Items.
Step: 6 Drag and sort the menu items as you want.

Sort categories:
Step 7: Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Restro Menu >> Categories.
Step 8: Drag and sort the categories as you want.

Q: How the “Simple Custom Post Order” plugin works – as demonstrated on Divi Chef child theme menu items.


Q: How to swap the position of currency and amount

A: Put the following code to the Divi Theme Options custom CSS area.